Berita Gembira!

Alhamdulillah… after we manage to get some aid, here is the revised price for participation for International Convention Bugis Diaspora:


and the ticket for Bugis Diaspora Dinner is open for sale now:


So grab one, two or more tickets from us in KALAM, or through Facebook or leave your comment(s) here. We will contact you right away if you could leave your contact details to

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CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT IN THE MALAY WORLD (KALAM) The Centre was set up in June 1996 on the foundation of numerous intricate measured drawing works done by the students of the Department of Architecture out of concern for the rapid disintegration and elimination of Malaysia 's architectural heritage. With the accumulation of these works since 1975 (over 350 buildings documented), the research towards the identification, classification and analysis of the architectural heritage was established through undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

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